Suffering from cabin fever? Cannabis to the rescue!

Winter in Maine can be a beast, and this winter has been particularly beastly. Short days are compounded by thick clouds that make the sun appear to start setting at noon, while sub-zero temps can make you want to take to the couch until spring. Cabin fever is a common complaint.

Cannabis can be a soothing antidote to cabin fever in all of its forms, like seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a type of depression that’s commonly experienced in the fall and winter, caused by diminishing daylight. Those who suffer from it lose interest in the things that usually bring them joy and can find it hard to get moving—especially if the thermometer is hovering at or below freezing.

Reach for the Right Strain

If you’re afflicted by SAD, the right strain of cannabis can lift your spirits enough to get up and enjoy the great outdoors. Wellness Connection has two limited edition offerings that might help: Double Tangie Banana and Strawberry Cough.

Double Tangie Banana is fruity and flavorful, and extremely uplifting. It has high concentrations of the terpenes b-caryophyllene and myrcene (both relaxing), limonene (a mood elevator), and pinene (which stimulates alertness and focus). And with a low to moderate THC content it isn’t overly sedative or psychoactive.

Strawberry Cough contains the same terpenes as DTB, but with a higher concentration of pinene. It also has a higher THC content, so it can stimulate euphoria and provide stress relief.

These strains can be just the motivation you need to stand up to cabin fever and venture outside. As we’ve discussed before in this blog, studies show that just being in nature enhances well-being—even when the mercury dips. Once you’re bundled up in your warmest gear, you might just find some things to love about winter—like the beauty of a snow-covered field, the long shadows cast by bare trees, or the perfect symmetry of a single snowflake. Gliding along on cross country skies can be a meditative experience and an opportunity to reflect on your inner life, while snowboarding and downhill skiing can challenge you in new and fun ways.

Snowbound and Loving It

As much fun as playing in the snow can be, there are times when it’s safer to stay inside. Like when a nor’easter is raging. If being cooped up indoors makes you antsy, cannabis can help with that, too. Products with high concentrations of myrcene, b-caryophyllene, or terpinolene, and/or THC and CBD (strains like MOB, Romulan, or Skywalker Kush) can help you relax enough to enjoy a soothing bubble bath, get lost in a good book, or binge-watch the latest season of your favorite show.

Let Wellness Connection Help

At Wellness Connection, we’re here to support you in achieving health and balance. Let us help you find the medicinal strains and delivery methods that get you off the couch and appreciating the beauty in a Maine winter.

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