If you prefer to take your medicine in concentrate form or by vaping, you’re in luck! All of our vape carts and concentrates pricing have been reduced by 20 percent.

Crafted for purity and consistency in the Wellness Connection Extraction Laboratory, we have spent hours perfecting the potency and dosage of our products.

If you’re new to vape carts (short for cartridges) and concentrates, here’s an overview of our selection. Remember, our inventory is always changing, so keep checking our website for our latest products. In addition, if you would like a particular vape cart or concentrate flavor, let us know!

Vape Carts

Vape carts dispense your medicine with the utmost discretion. Here at the Wellness Connection they are available in cannabis and fruit-flavored blends and made from naturally-sourced terpenes that enhance the medicinal effect. For one or two inhalations, the duration of effect is typically 30 to 90 minutes.

Our 3:1 CBD:THC Vape Cartridge contains 225mg CBD and 75mg THC to create a calming cerebral effect while offering acute pain and inflammation relief. The cartridge is flavored with 100 percent natural terpenes (Limonene) for added flavor and effect. This may help with anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, inflammation and lack of appetite.

If you like earthy notes of pine, wood and spice with a terpene profile that provides both indica and sativa like effects, try our 300mg Dogwalker OG (Albert Walker OG X Chemdawg 91) vape cartridge. It’s known to help with chronic pain, inflammation and insomnia and the onset of effect, like other vape carts, is immediate.

We wouldn’t be the Wellness Connection of Maine without our very own Vacationland Vape Cartridge! This cart contains 250mg of pure CO2-extracted THC, enriched with naturally-sourced terpenes to help with anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia and inflammation. Enjoy the earthy tones and relax into that glorious Maine summer feeling!

Do you like fruity flavors? Then you must try our line of flavor vape carts that include mango, pineapple, strawberry and sweet melon! Take our sweet melon flavored cart for instance – This pre-filled cartridge contains 300mg of pure CO2-extracted THC, enriched with naturally sourced terpenes. And it tastes delicious!

Stay tuned because there are definitely more flavored vape carts to come!


For those who require stronger medication, we offer the purest form of concentrates created via state-of-the-art CO2 extraction. Remember, a little goes a long way in all cannabis consumption, but when it comes to concentrates, the effect is strong and immediate so be extra conscientious.

Our most potent form of cannabis concentrate is our distillate. Our distillate is made from our most potent CO2 extracted cannabis oils that are then further refined using a fractional distillate process, with a potency reaching 95 percent THC. This powerful medicine can aid in chronic pain, inflammation, insomnia and muscle spasms.

If you are looking for the purest and most potent extract available, look no further than Maine Selects THC-A Crystalline. This concentrate tests over a staggering 99 percent purity. THC-A, which converts to THC once vaporized or dabbed at the proper temperatures (> 221 degrees) produces a potent, cerebral high when activated. Known for helping with anxiety, chronic pain, inflammation and lack of appetite.

Stay tuned because there are more concentrate products to come!

Are there any vape cart flavors or concentrates you would like us to have a? Let us know at patients@mainewellness.org

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