You’re about to experience a new Era in vaping! The PAX® Era pen and pod system is one of the simplest and most straight-forward vape devices that’s available on the market. Get ready to love your new vaping experience.

Using Your PAX® Era Vape Pen and Pod System

When you purchase your PAX® Era, in the box you’ll find the device and a USB cord that will plug into your computer to charge its battery. Pods, which contain cannabis oil, are sold separately at your Wellness Connection dispensary. Before using, you’ll need to make sure the vape pen is charged. Connect the charging cord into the bottom of the device and plug the cable into your USB port on your computer. When you see the four LED pedals glowing white, that means the pen is charging. You can expect the device to be fully charged after about 45 minutes and when the pedals stop pulsing and are solid. A full battery life should provide you about 200 puffs. One “puff” is roughly a 1-2 second inhale, depending on variables like temperature and draw strength. When the device needs to be charged, all pedals turn red and blink three times.

Your device can track the number of puffs you’ve taken. First, double-tap the device to view your usage on your indicator light. Second, count the number of petal colors; this is the number of puffs you’ve taken in the session. Sessions will reset 30 minutes after the last puff. You can tap six times to reset to zero at any time during the session.

PAX® Pods

PAX® Era Pen and Pod

Era works only with pre-filled  SimpleClick™ pods. These are only available through your local authorized retailers and not online. Once you’ve chosen your pod preference, pop it into the top portion of your vape device. White LED lights will sweep downwards to let you know the pod is secured and in place. Once your pod is secure, it’s time to draw. Bring the device to your lips and pull gently. On its packaging, PAX suggests “sip it, don’t rip it.” This is good advice for any patient who purchases a PAX® Era as drawing very slowly on the device will ensure a fuller, richer vapor than inhaling quickly and/or more deeply, as you might on a pipe, joint, 510 cart, etc. Pulling on the pod too quickly will dilute the vapor with air and “water down” the vapor.

Your Era does not need to be turned on and off manually. As long as it is charged, it will turn on automatically, once you take a puff. PAX® Pods are not refillable.

What Temperature Should I Set my Device to?

Fill material in the Pax® SimpleClick™ pods, otherwise known as fluid, contains the same refined cannabis oil (RCO) and terpenes that are found in our 510 vape carts. Temperature settings are a great way to experiment with the flavor profiles of your fill material. Higher settings typically mean you will get more robust vapor production, lower settings likely mean richer flavor. It’s always a good idea to understand your device’s temperature ranges. The Era includes four preset temperatures that can be adjusted into precise temperatures within the range 520ºF to 790ºF via the PAX® mobile app. To learn about temperature settings and more tips on how to use your new PAX® Era, watch the how to video.


When purchasing pods, you will see a couple of different types to choose from. Here is a run-down of what you need to know.

  • WCM Botanical Vape CategoryBroad spectrum or botanicals – Produced by CO2 extraction and refinement of a mix of cannabis strains – capturing a diverse range of cannabinoids. Broad spectrum botanicals include both cannabis and natural botanical terpenes to mimic popular cannabis strains or desired flavors.
  • WCM Full Spectrum Vape CategoryFull spectrum – Like broad spectrum extracts, full spectrum is produced by CO2 extraction, but a single cannabis strain is refined – capturing the full range of cannabinoids and terpenes in that particular strain.

At the Wellness Connection, all of our vape carts and pods are specially crafted with three elements in mind – quality, purity and consistency.

  • QualityQuality: We have intensified all the things you love about cannabis using nothing but the plant’s own natural compounds. It starts with the highest quality plant material cultivated by our horticulturists without any pesticides. Every single harvest is tested for contaminants and cannabinoid profile. Ensuring that only the purest plant matter is CO2 extracted in our laboratory.
  • PurityPurity: Further refinement and purification protocols result in the creation of fine, high purity, cannabinoid extract. Our quality control ensures that no solvent, waxes or plant residues remain. We reintroduce naturally sourced terpenes to reach the optimal level of viscosity and potency with our botanical blends. Full spectrum differs as it captures the full range of cannabinoids and terpenes from a single strain.
  • ConsistencyConsistency: Finally, a pure and transparent cannabis extract is packaged in advanced technology cartridges and pods to ensure easy flow. consistent dosing, minimal evaporation, and an exceptionally flavorful experience.

Try For Yourself

Customize your PAX® Era experience by downloading the mobile app  

In addition, we also have a number of 510 thread vape cartridges, such as our Uplift Vape Cartridge. This cart contains 250 mg of pure CO2 extracted THC cannabis oil. Check your Wellness Connection location for the most updated list of products.

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