Have you ever been in such sheer delight from eating both chocolate and consuming cannabis? Or had a chocolate edible that just tasted divine?

“Cacao beans even produce a kind of cannabinoid of their own – anandamide – which binds to the same receptors as THC in the brain and mimics the pleasant feelings that cannabinoids catalyze,” says The Leafly Guide to Pairing Cannabis & Chocolate

Anandamide, has been labeled the “bliss molecule” and is responsible for giving us that euphoric, happy feeling when we consume cannabis and chocolate together. Anandamide comes from the Sanskrit word “Ananda” meaning bliss and “mide” meaning chemical.

Our brain produces that very same chemical, much like how cannabinoids are produced by the cannabis plant. And researchers say that chocolate has been known to enhance the effect of cannabis by increasing anandamide or “bliss” levels.

Who doesn’t want to experience bliss?

In addition to the good feelings that arise, patients who consume cannabis and chocolate together can get another benefit: spending less money. Since chocolate contains only a small amount of anandamide, combining chocolate and cannabis may allow patients to ultimately use less cannabis, reducing risk and saving money.

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Pairing your favorites

While many chocolate and cannabis patients may swear by their favorite DIY recipe of pot brownies, there are so many combinations of chocolate and cannabis to choose from. 

How do you decide? First, it’s important to remember there is no right or wrong approach. Everybody’s taste buds are different and someone else’s favorite combination might not work for you. That’s okay! Here are our best tips for consuming chocolate and cannabis together.

Think about what you like

Maybe you prefer dark chocolate to milk chocolate and like a more uplifting cannabis strain. Maybe you like a chocolate bar more than a truffle or caramel. Knowing this information will help inform your decision on what to choose. Also, think about if you want to take a cannabis-infused chocolate or consume your chocolate and cannabis separately. Getting in tune with what type of experience you want to have will also help inform your decision.

Lead with your nose

When choosing your cannabis, allow yourself to take in the aroma of each strain to help decide what feels enticing to you. For example, when you are at one of our WCM dispensaries, ask your member liaison about its flavor and effects and if they have any recommendations for chocolate pairings. If you are a beginner, The Leafly Guide to Pairing Cannabis and Chocolate recommends starting with cannabis strains with high terpene levels (between 2 and 4 percent) because they will have the most pronounced aromas and flavors which will make them easier to match to chocolate.

Micro-dosing Cannabis

Learn the nuances

For many, chocolate is one of the most delicious and pleasurable foods to consume and experience. The Leafly Guide to Pairing Cannabis and Chocolate describes how chocolate is full of diversity according to bean type, geography, soil, altitude and overall environmental conditions when the beans were harvested and processed. Leafly says, “chocolate from Madagascar can display tart or sour fruit characteristics, Hawaiian chocolate often exhibits nutty and caramelly notes, while some Southeast Asian chocolate can reveal smokey, earthy tones.” Again, lead with scent. When you unwrap your chocolate, lift it to your nose and take in the aroma. What do you smell? When you are ready, pop it in your mouth and let the chocolate burst its flavor, taking it in. What do you taste?


When you want to consume chocolate and cannabis together, Leafly recommends picking out three unique strains of chocolate (such as white, milk and dark chocolate, or three chocolates from different origins). Then pick out three cannabis strains that are different in flavor, such as M.O.B, Skywalker Kush and Trainwreck. Now start sampling and experiment! Either puff or inhale before taking a bite of chocolate or savor a piece of chocolate for a few seconds on your tongue before cannabis inhalation. Mix it up; try each strain with each type of chocolate. We recommend trying one combination at a time, so you can really taste the flavor of the chocolate and the effects of a particular strain. Always start low and go slow when it comes to dose.

Not only may chocolate boost cannabis’ overall therapeutic potential, but it’s a great way for patients to mask the strong flavor of cannabis if it’s not favorable.

If you prefer edibles over inhalation, the Wellness Connection has a variety of chocolate-infused edibles including:

Milk Chocolate Bars –  Our cannabis-infused Milk Chocolate Bars have creamy, caramel notes and a velvety texture. May help with chronic pain, depression, inflammation, insomnia and lack of appetite.

Dark Chocolate Bars – Our cannabis-infused Dark Chocolate Bars are made with premium Belgian chocolate and 54 percent cocoa. Each square has 10mg of THC for convenient dosing. Dark chocolate is loaded with flavonols – antioxidant phytochemicals that help fight inflammation and neutralize free radicals. Studies show that flavonols can improve circulation, lower blood pressure, improve focus and aid in memory retention.

Hot Cocoa – Savor a rich and creamy cup of our cannabis-infused Hot Cocoa Beverage Mix. This is a Limited Edition item made with premium Belgian cocoa powder. Single-serving packets containing 10mg of THC are available. May help with chronic pain, depression, fatigue, headaches, lack of appetite and nausea.

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