When you think of the holidays, what are your favorite foods and traditions? Though this year may look different than years past due to social distancing, there are still ways to celebrate.

For one, we can express gratitude for the abundance already in our lives. It’s important to look around and appreciate what we do have. This year, the pandemic has taken its toll on nearly everyone. The loss and devastation has been great for many. But let’s acknowledge what is still ours – whether that’s our health, our families, our jobs and yes, our access to this healing plant, cannabis. 

Cannabis has brought so many people stress relief and continues to aid in addressing many health and wellness issues. From insomnia to anxiety to aches and pains, cannabis and CBD are often a go-to for many seeking remedies and more wellness in their lives.

Cooking With Cannabis — Infused Kale Soup

Holiday Spirit with cannabis

We can’t think of a better way to get into the holiday spirit than adding cannabis to your favorite meals. Just remember: if you serve any cannabis-infused dishes, we recommend clearly labeling them as such, along with proper dosing. It’s important that all the individuals present at your table know the difference between regular and infused foods. Otherwise, you could end up with someone ingesting unintentionally and that can create a problematic outcome. Be transparent about what you are serving, use smudge-proof labels and communicate about it well and frequently!

Here at WCM, we have several cannabis-infused dishes that can be prepared for the holidays. So roll up your sleeves, take a look and start planning your menu now.

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Cannabis-Infused Butter and Olive Oil

Perhaps the best place to start is making your own cannabis-infused butter and olive oil. Once you have these in your kitchen, anything is possible! Including adding some of this infused butter and oil to your Thanksgiving turkey! Whatever dishes you make, try them cannabis-infused and see how it turns out. We have recipes for both butter and oil.

Here you will find the tools you’ll need (get out your crockpot!) and instructions on how to make them. Pro tip: be sure to use a gram scale when using infused butter or oil, as potency always varies with each batch. WCM consistently tests ours at 9-8 mg THC/gram. And remember: foods prepared with canna-butter can provide long-lasting effective relief for many conditions and symptoms. A little goes a long way and effects can take up to an hour to be noticeable. Our motto is always: start low and go slow!

Cooking With Cannabis Infused Kale Soup
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Kale Soup

It’s definitely soup season here in Maine and what better way to stay healthy and warm than with our WCM kale soup. It’s the canna-butter that makes this soup infused, so if you already have it made, this will be an easy meal! Just add 2 tablespoons to your stockpot and follow our recipe. Of course, soup is meant to be made with ingredients around your home, so feel free to mix it up! Or try our kitchen’s recipe.

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Thanksgiving Medicated Stuffing

Is it really Thanksgiving if you don’t have stuffing? This is debatable of course, but if you’re a stuffing fan, you’re going to want to check out our recipe. Made with a half stick of medicated butter, this recipe includes celery, finely chopped almonds or cashews, red wine and rye (or unseasoned, if you prefer) bread crumbs. This will make a delicious addition to any Thanksgiving table. Read the full recipe.

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Medicated Egg Nog

It’s never too early to start drinking egg nog. ‘Tis the season! And with cannabis, this nog is brought to a whole new level. There are a couple of options here: add a CBD or THC tincture to your egg nog or try our WCM kitchen recipe. If you go with our recipe, we recommend using three quarts of your favorite egg nog and 1/3 cup of melted canna-butter. Hmm so good! Check out more of the recipe.

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Pumpkin Honey Medi Bread

Pumpkin is a staple of fall and paired along with honey, this bread offers a winning combination. Use one cup of canna-butter or oil along with ingredients such as pumpkin puree, dates and walnuts and you have a yummy fall treat. Check out this recipe.

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Cannabis Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie is often a Thanksgiving favorite but we think it can be eaten all season long! Made with ¼ oz of dried cannabis flower or fan leaves, this recipe includes molasses, condensed milk, eggs and cinnamon. Find the complete recipe here.

With so many amazing recipes to try, where will you begin? If you are planning to make cannabis oil or butter this year, it’s best to use trim, or the marijuana leaves and excess shake from flower. WCM is now carrying trim – so contact us via social to find out if your location has it in stock.

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