‘Tis the season for gift giving! 

It’s been a tough year – and as we close out 2020, it’s time to appreciate the ones you love. Though the holidays certainly look different now given social distancing guidelines due to Covid-19, there are still ways to come together. What better way to do this than with the gift that keeps on giving – cannabis!

No matter what holiday you celebrate, we have plenty of ideas for every cannabis lover on your list.

Light Up Your Holidaze!

Whether it’s your mother-in-law who is new to cannabis and curious about experimenting or your best friend, who is a long-time toker, we have something for everybody. From our point of view, what can be better than opening a present with some choice pre-rolls? Or some select edibles? Or maybe even a new glass bubbler? Think about the cannabis lovers in your life and get creative with their gifts!

As always, we’re here to help.

Take a look at the following gift ideas and let us know if you have any questions about product availability. Feel free to reach out to us via our social media channels.

And remember, when giving recreational cannabis and accessories as a gift (always for those 21+ legal users) – let people new to cannabis know about dosing and how a little goes a long way. Share our mantra of start low and go slow, reminding your friends and family to always read labels. Even for those experienced cannabis users on your list, this too, can be useful to remember. Over-indulgence is common around the holidays – whether that be with food, alcohol or cannabis. So take it easy, take it slow and enjoy with intention.

Now for our 2020 gift guide!

Looking for some fun gifts as stocking stuffers? These would be perfect:

Skywalker Kush - Sativa - Cannabis (Marijuana)
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Who doesn’t love receiving flowers? Check out some of our HighNorth Maine grown tasty buds – we have sativa, indica and hybrid for your gift-giving and personal smoking pleasure. Try Skywalker Kush, Lemon Garlic OG, or our staple Mother of Berries or what we like to call, M.O.B.

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Choose from a wide selection of pre-rolls available at our HighNorth By Wellness Connection Recreational Store located in South Portland, Maine. Pick up some .5 gram pre-rolls in a variety of our favorite strains including Trainwreck, Skywalker Kush, Girl Scout Cookies and more.

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This way of consumption is growing in popularity and as a result, we have many types of vaporizers to experience. Choose from a variety of brands including O.pen and more. Some vaporizers work with oil, some with flower. Some are reusable, some are disposable. Talk to your member liaison about what might work the best for your needs.

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Rolling Papers

Who on your list loves to roll their own? We’ve got Raw king size, 1 ¼ size and cones for the joint lovers in your life. You can give the option to roll their own, pack a cone or use a rolling machine. We have all options here at WCM. We love Raw products because they are all natural, additive-free, 100 percent vegan and have a natural gum for adhesive.

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Everybody can benefit from having extra lighters around. Our CLIPPER lighters are refillable (which is better for the environment, than just tossing disposals) and can also be re-flinted. It’s removable flint system can be used as an ideal packing tool when rolling cones. Also check out our Newport Torch Lighter, for those concentrate enthusiasts who dab. This lighter is easy-to-use with a one-click ignition and a quick refill design.

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A grinder is essential for anyone who smokes or vapes flower on the regular. If you want to pass along tips on how to keep a grinder clean, we have some for you right here.

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Winter Mugs

Show your Wellness Connection and HighNorth love with these cool branded mugs.

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