At The Wellness Connection of Maine, it’s only natural for us to give back and get involved. We do this every day through the four attributes that define our company: reliability of product, being good-natured, trailblazing for the future, and having a personal approach in everything we do.

While the cannabis industry is new, we are not. We’ve been here since 2011, advocating for access, high-quality product, and transparency by advancing scientific methods and shaping new public policy.

Each year, we commit a share of our revenue to facilitating access to cannabis for patients, supporting local communities through donations or volunteering, improving the environment and growing Maine’s local economy by creating jobs.
We are proud of the work we’ve done and look forward to forging new roads in the cannabis culture.

Community Report Portland Trails 2018 Group Photo



96% of WCM’s business operations spending goes towards Maine-based businesses. We have created 80+ full-time jobs since 2011.


Our staff spent over 400 hours volunteering.


We have donated over $50,000 through our community efforts during the 2017-2018 year.


Adopt-a-family Christmas wish list collected over 50 gifts for children.

Giving Back is the WCM Way-Community-Report



We sent back over 5,575 pounds of recycling to Terracycle, a program that up-cycles waste that cannot otherwise be recycled.


We have helped open, clean, and improve walkways for the Androscoggin Land Trust.


We support green power through the purchase of renewal energy certificates.
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Quality of end of life
Since 2016, WCM has helped 39 people in the Mark Bushey program for a total dollar value of $34,836.

Started in summer 2016, the Mark Bushey Compassion Program at WCM was created to honor Mark and his tenacious battle with ALS by providing quality cannabis therapies at no cost to 16 patients who meet the Medicare definition of hospice care. A significant part of our mission is to advance understanding and acceptance of this therapy and those who choose to use it.

| Community Events


| Preferred Rate

Percentage of Members benefiting from Preferred Rate Program: 32%

  • Low income (SSI, SSDI, Mainecare, Medicare, TANF, EBT,)
  • Senior Citizens
  • Veterans
  • Members of Native American Tribes

Dollar Amount Saved by Preferred Rate Members: $500,000+

| Maine Yoga Fest

WCM was a key returning sponsor of 2018’s Maine Yoga Festival which draws thousands of attendees. The mission of Yoga Fest is to create a wellness event for the Maine and New England communities to come together,celebrate the healing powers of yoga, and encourage a healthy, peaceful, and compassionate way of living. By raising awareness of the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of yoga, Maine Yoga Festival hopes to strengthen the yoga movement and culture in our beautiful State. As a sponsor, we had a booth, offered free CBD water, provided giveaways, and sponsored a curriculum of dedicated classes.


| Center for Wellness Leadership

Integrative Health and
Chronic Pain Symposium

WCM is committed to furthering the acceptance and understanding of alternative medicines through cannabis. WCM is the proud partner of the Center for Wellness Leadership (CWL) – a 501C3 dedicated to funding research as well as the development of educational content. In May 2018, WCM sponsored CWL’s symposium on “Integrative Health and Chronic Pain,” as well as participated in the symposium panel to lead the conversation of the impact medical cannabis has on integrative health and chronic pain.


| Green Efforts


We are going to 100% green power

We recycled 5,575 lbs

Our green credits offset 3,017 metric tons
of greenhouse gas emissions, which is equivalent to:

passenger vehicles driven for one year


homes’ energy use for one year


tons of waste recycled instead of landfilled


acres of U.S. forests preserved from conversion to cropland in one year