A person’s final days should be lived with dignity, comfort, and the best possible quality of life.

The mission of the Mark Bushey’s Compassion Program is to advance understanding and acceptance of cannabis therapies and of those who choose to use it by providing medical cannabis education and medicine, at no cost, to patients with a terminal diagnosis of 6 months or less to live.


Honoring Mark Bushey

In 2012, Mark Bushey became a member Wellness Connection, seeking relief from the symptoms of his rapidly progressing amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease). To honor Mark and his tenacious battle with ALS, we provide quality cannabis therapies at no cost to up to 10 (or 20 tbd) patients at a given time


The Mark Bushey Compassion Program at WCM exists to provide quality cannabis therapies at no cost to patients who meet the Medicare definition for hospice care. A significant part of our mission is to advance understanding and acceptance of this therapy and of those who choose to use it.

How does it work?

Once contacted by a care provider, the patient, or their families we confirm the status of both a state ID and a medical marijuana certification. If the patient needs to obtain either of those documents, we assist them in that capacity by facilitating the proper connections with either CannaCare Docs, the Maine BMV, or both. Once a patient has all necessary documentation we schedule an appointment for a patient intake in their home or care facility. The typical intake lasts approximately 2 hours, during this meeting we review the laws, the cannabis plant and the different ways it can be used, and what we offer and how those products relate back the patient’s symptom relief. 

Upon completion of the intake process, we travel to the dispensary location nearest the patient, create an account, acquire the patient’s order and then we return to deliver the first installment of their medication. From that point on, we periodically check in with the patient to keep up with the course of their treatment, and we facilitate deliveries of medication as dictated by the patient’s needs.