Legalization FAQs

What is legal?
In 2016, Maine voters approved the adult use of marijuana for those over the age of 21. The State of Maine has delayed implementing laws to permit the legal sale of marijuana until 2019. That means adults may not legally purchase cannabis unless they are registered medical card holders. Qualified medical cardholders are still permitted to purchase cannabis from a licensed dispensary or caregiver. 
Until laws are implemented to permit and govern the legal sale of marijuana, adults can:
  • Grow up to six plants in their home
  • Produce edibles using their own cannabis for personal consumption
  • Use, possess or transport up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis (or a combination of cannabis and concentrate not to exceed 5 grams total.) 
  • Transfer cannabis to other adults, but not in exchange for money or something of value.
What is not legal?

There is no legal avenue to purchase cannabis unless you are a qualified medical patient. Under Maine’s existing medical cannabis program, licensed dispensaries and caregivers may continue to sell cannabis to qualified medical patients. It is illegal for individuals under the age of 21 to ingest, possess, grow or gift cannabis.

It is anticipated that retail sales will not happen in Maine until 2019 while policy makers work out the details of implementation.

Learn more about Maine’s Recreational Marijuana Laws at

Medical Cannabis FAQs

What happens now to Maine's medical cannabis program?

Maine’s medical cannabis program remains in place with no changes.

I am currently a certified medical cannabis patient. Do I need to renew my certification?

Yes. If you are currently using medical cannabis, you must renew your certification annually to continue to legally buy cannabis. Caregivers and dispensaries will only permit sales to properly qualified and registered patients.

What are the benefits of remaining a medical cannabis patient?
There are protections for patients under Maine’s medical cannabis program that do not extend to recreational-use of cannabis.
  • Qualified patients cannot be denied any right or privilege by landlords, employers or schools. 
  • Courts may not rule against an individual in some domestic cases (i.e. divorce, custody) solely for being a qualified medical cannabis patient.  
  • Qualified patients cannot be subjected to arrest, prosecution, penalty, or disciplinary action for lawfully using medical cannabis. 
  • Hospitals, nursing homes, and hospices may permit qualified patients to ingest medicine at some facilities.
  • Minor children (under the care of their physician/parental guardian) can legally ingest cannabis, and if needed, possibly in a school setting.
  • Medical cannabis patients will enjoy a reduced tax (5.5%) on all of their purchases. When retail cannabis is eventually sold over the counter, there will be a significantly higher sales tax.
Where is cannabis prohibited?

Whether you are state-certified, or an adult using cannabis under legalization, cannabis cannot be used in any form on a school bus or on the grounds of a preschool, primary or secondary school (unless specific protocols are followed for qualified child patients). No one can use cannabis on any form of public transportation or in any public place, or while operating, navigating, or riding in any motor vehicle, including aircraft, motorboats, snowmobiles, and all-terrain vehicles.

What can medical marijuana do for me?

Cannabis is a natural alternative to opioid painkillers. It can improve digestive motility, calm muscle spasms, stimulate appetite, lift depression, and more—safely and non-synthetically. Unlike other drugs (even aspirin), there is no lethal dose of cannabis.

If I use marijuana, will I be able to go through my day?

Yes. Wellness Connection of Maine offers strains that are rich in CBDs–compounds that combat symptoms without causing psychoactive effects (the “high” that many folks find uncomfortable). Your WCM staff will be happy to assist you in finding the type of cannabis, and the delivery method, that work best for your needs.

How do I get a certification for medical marijuana?

In Maine, any M.D., D.O. or C.N.P. (as of August 1st, 2014)  can recommend cannabis for qualifying patients. Once your doctor has provided a certification, you can designate a dispensary to provide your medicine by completing a simple form at the dispensary site.

Do I have to smoke to use medical marijuana?

No. Wellness Connection of Maine knows that one person’s preferred way of taking medicine might not suit another. We provide cannabis in a variety of strains and delivery methods, including flower medicine, fresh-baked edibles, tinctures, salves, and sublingual tablets. This range allows our clients to choose which methods work best for them.

On each visit, our staff will discuss the benefit of various delivery methods, proper dosing, and make personalized recommendations to best fit your needs.

Does Wellness Connection of Maine have organic certification?

Currently, there is no USDA organic certification process for the cannabis industry. Wellness Connection of Maine cultivates all medicine in a state-licensed facility. The cultivation site also houses an iS08 cleanroom extraction laboratory and WCM’s research and development team. The cultivation process includes NO pesticides, store-bought nutrients, bud boosters, or foliar sprays. The cultivation facility uses only environmental and biological controls to prevent pests, mold and other contaminants.

Our goal is to produce the safest, purest and highest-quality medicine while minimizing our impact on the environment. We actively work with state environmental engineers to further minimize our environmental footprint.

How can I access my medicine?

By law, medical cannabis users are allowed to access their medicine from several sources. You can:

  • Grow up to 6 cannabis plants on your own; or
  • Designate a caregiver to grow 6 cannabis plants for you; or
  • Designate a dispensary to grow up to 6 cannabis plants for you

Maine State law allows medical cannabis users who choose to grow fewer plants to designate a dispensary to grow the rest of them, to ensure access to a source of medicine until their plants are mature. The total number of mature, flowering plants can never exceed 6.  Residents who grow their own may have an additional number of plants in other stages of growth (seedlings or starts) to ensure their next generation.

How much medicine can I have access to each month?

By law, medical cannabis users can have access to 5 ounces of prepared cannabis per month, to be dispensed in 2.5 ounce increments every 15 days.  That means that qualified residents can possess and transport up to 2.5 ounces of medicine at any given time.

What is a dispensary?

Wellness Connection of Maine’s dispensaries are inviting, safe, clean and accessible community centers that combine the best features of a pharmacy and a wellness center. It is a place where you can confidently purchase safe, quality medicine from friendly people who care about you, in a form that suits your needs and at reasonable prices.
Qualified patients over the age of 18 and/or their caretakers are allowed into the dispensary. Minor children may enter with their guardian/parent on their first intake appointment only.

Why should I use a dispensary?

Dispensaries offer a safe, private, welcoming environment and a consistent supply of quality medicine. Wellness Connection of Maine is state-licensed and held to rigorous standards for security, quality, and inventory control. We also offer educational and wellness services at no additional cost, and we support local charities and other non-profits who share our values.

I am a Maine resident, what documents should I bring to a dispensary?

Wellness Connection of Maine is licensed by the state to provide consistent, safe access to medical cannabis to qualified Maine residents. As a state-licensed entity, we are bound by law to strictly uphold the letter and intention of Maine law.

Every time you come to the dispensary to purchase medicine or use our other services, you must show your:

  • Valid Maine State ID (Driver’s License or State Photo ID)
  • Valid, current proof that you are a Maine medical cannabis patient, either:
    • Original, tamper-proof Physician’s Certification; or
    • DHHS issued Medical Cannabis Program card

We do not accept other forms of ID (such as cards issued from doctor’s offices, other photo IDs, passports, etc.) By law, if you do not have the proper ID, we must turn you away. Avoid disappointment and come prepared!

I am an out-of-state visiting patient, what documents should I bring to a dispensary?

Wellness Connection of Maine accepts out-of-state members (visiting qualifying patients).

A visiting qualifying patient is a patient with a debilitating medical condition who is not a resident of Maine or who has been a resident of Maine for less than 30 days, who is qualified by another jurisdiction for the medical use of marijuana.

A qualifying patient visiting Maine from another jurisdiction that authorizes the medical use of marijuana pursuant to a law or regulation of another state or political subdivision may engage in conduct authorized for a qualifying patient by these rules if the following 3 criteria are met:

  • Maine certification: The visitor shall possess a valid Maine-approved physician certification form completed, signed, and dated by the visitor’s home-jurisdiction treating physician. The Maine form is available on the division’s webpage as well as instructions for your physician to receive sealed tamper-proof paper.
  • Home-jurisdiction certification: The visitor shall possess a valid medical use of marijuana certification issued by the visitor’s home-jurisdiction. (If you are a Massachusetts resident, please follow all of the Patient Registration Step-by-Step Instructions HERE).
  • Photographic identification: The visitor shall possess a valid photographic identification card or driver’s license issued by the visitor’s home-jurisdiction.
I live on a very fixed income. What if I cannot afford my medicine?

Wellness Connection of Maine has a price structure designed to make wellness services and medicine affordable for all of its members. Ask our staff if you qualify for a preferred rate reduction.