We stand for cannabis as an experience where wellness and community come together.
Keeping standards high and prices affordable, we guide you toward the right experience, made just for you.
For your convenience, we offer all things cannabis in one place. Here, people with similar interests, come together to gain knowledge and meet old and new friends.


Our state-of-the-art facilities are designed to exceed the highest production standards. With your health and safety in mind, under the guidance of renowned scientists, we cultivate pesticide-free cannabis and test our products for purity and consistency.

It’s our passion to offer you the finest quality cannabis, every time.

Good-natured (Let's Make A Difference)


It’s not easy being green, but we are committed to it. We are actively reducing our carbon footprint by recycling, using paperless administration, and going 100% green.
We keep it local. Maine’s economy thrives on small businesses and we like to keep it that way. 98% of our vendors are also our neighbors.


While the industry is new, we are not. Since 2011, we have advocated for access, quality, and transparency via advancing science and improving public policies.

Our goal is to set the bar for unparalleled quality—together we are forging a new cannabis culture.