What you need to shop

The Process for Maine Residents

Wellness Connection of Maine is licensed by the state to provide consistent, safe access to medical cannabis to qualified Maine residents. We know that you have other choices to access your medicine, and we are grateful for the opportunity to serve you. Since we’re overseen by the state, we are bound by law to strictly uphold the letter and intention of Maine’s law.

Must be 21+ to purchase CBD ONLY products. No Maine Medical Marijuana Card needed.

EVERY time you come to the dispensary to purchase medicine containing THC, you must show your:

  • Valid Maine State ID (Driver’s License or State Photo ID)
  • Valid, current proof that you are a Maine medical cannabis patient, either:
  • Original, tamper-proof Physician’s Certification; or
  • DHHS issued Medical Cannabis Program card

We do not accept other forms of ID (such as cards issued from doctor’s offices, other photo IDS, passports, etc. …) By law, if you do not have the proper ID, we must turn you away. Avoid disappointment and come prepared!

The Process for Out-of-State Visiting Patients

Wellness Connection of Maine is now accepting out-of-state members (visiting qualifying patients). A visiting qualifying patient (non Maine resident, out-of-state visitor) is a patient with a debilitating medical condition who is not a resident of Maine or who has been a resident of Maine less than 30 days, who is qualified by another jurisdiction for the medical use of marijuana.

A qualifying patient visiting Maine from another jurisdiction that authorizes the medical use of marijuana pursuant to a law or regulation of another state or political subdivision may engage in conduct authorized for a qualifying patient by these rules if the following 3 criteria are met:

  • Maine certification: The visitor shall possess a valid Maine-approved written physician certification form completed, signed and dated by the visitor’s home-jurisdiction treating physician. The Maine form is available on the division’s webpage as well as instructions for your physician to receive sealed tamper-proof paper.
  • Home-jurisdiction certification: The visitor shall possess a valid medical use of marijuana certification issued by the visitor’s home-jurisdiction. (If you are a Massachusetts resident please follow all of the Patient Registration Step-by-Step Instructions HERE).
  • Photographic identification: The visitor shall possess a valid photographic identification card or driver’s license issued by the visitor’s home-jurisdiction.