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RAW MATERIAL SOURCING—From high-tech to hand grown, we start by sourcing a roster of exciting strains to bring you a truly Craft experience.

TERPENE PRESERVATION—Cannabis must be extracted with as much care as it is grown with. We use proprietary extraction techniques to extract the volatile of terpenes for a nuanced and full-bodied flavor.

CANNABINOID EXTRACTION—Next, we use CO2 extraction and distillation to isolate cannabinoids and discard undesirables, like chlorophylls and plant fats, so you get the most potent and refined oil possible.

HIGH PERFORMING CERAMIC HARDWARE—Cutting edge research and development has brought forth a new era of high-tech vaping hardware. Meticulously crafted to ensure smooth, consistent, and flavorful puffs.

FINISHING TOUCHES—Learn about flavor notes and expected effects all on the packaging, along with a peelable strain sticker to place on the cartridge, so you never forget what tastes so good.

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