Orange Kush [12oz]

The Orange Kush THC Drink produces refreshing notes of orange citrus flavor and the perfect amount of carbonation – meet your new favorite orange soda. It contains a total of 10mg THC. First introduced in January 2010, the Keef Classic soda line (previously known as Keef Cola) is the most awarded cannabis beverage in the world. They’re everything you love about the sweet and timeless soda flavor with a burst of THC for added effect. Each bottle or can is infused with pure CO2 extracted cannabis oil. Keef’s proprietary emulsification process provides a stable oil suspension beyond the duration of the product’s shelf life and eliminates residual oil buildup in the bottle or can. *Packaging varies by state.

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      Citrus, Sweet


      Creativity, Euphoric, Pain Relief, Relaxed, Sleep Aid

      Onset of Effect

      Duration of Effect

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