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Learning About The 7/10 Holiday

Learning About The 710 Holiday

Many cannabis enthusiasts know about the infamous April 20 (4/20) holiday and why the plant is celebrated on that day. But did you know about the other cannabis holiday on July 10, or 710? Read upside down, 710 translates to OIL. So you guessed it, this day is when we celebrate all things concentrates and dabs. […]

COVID-19 & Cannabis – Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Deemed Essential Business

Covid-19 & Cannabis – Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Deemed Essential Business-

As the devastation and uncertainty of COVID-19 continues to sweep the world, patients here in Maine will still be able to access their medicine. This blog post will explain how Wellness Connection of Maine [WCM] is able to serve you during this time and what you need to know regarding obtaining cannabis. The state has […]

Why Do We Celebrate 420?

For many cannabis consumers around the world, April 20 is a much-anticipated holiday. It’s a time when we can come together and appreciate the power of this medicinal plant, an herb that brings many of us greater wellness and healing. It’s a time to sit back, relax and enjoy everything wonderful about cannabis and feel […]

Cooking Tips for the CBD-Curious

Cooking Tips for the CBD-Curious Banner

Love edibles but don’t like the “high” that comes with them? Have you struggled to get your potency levels right?  Interested in getting all the benefits of CBD and cooking your own treats? Cooking with CBD oil could be for you! CBD use is certainly picking up in popularity and it makes sense – the […]

Cannabis & Chocolate: A Perfect Pair!

Cannabis & Chocolate: A Perfect Pair!

Anandamide, has been labeled the “bliss molecule.” It is responsible for giving us that euphoric, happy feeling when we consume cannabis and chocolate together. Anandamide comes from the Sanskrit word “Ananda” meaning bliss and “mide” meaning chemical. Our brain produces that very same chemical, much like how cannabinoids are produced by the cannabis plant. And […]

Cannabis & Sports – The Benefits of Consumption

Cannabis & Sports – The Benefits of Consumption Banner

As more professional athletes use cannabis for fitness and recovery, that age old “lazy stoner” stereotype gets left in the dust. We know the power of cannabis and how it can help many people improve sleep, address inflammation, manage pain and help with anxiety, but many athletes are using the plant to improve their athleticism […]

Moving into a Healthy New Year with Cannabis


The Maine winter is here and with that comes shorter days and longer nights. ‘Tis the season to take advantage of spending more time at home, reflecting about the past 12 months and making plans on how we want our new year to be different.

Looking for a Maine State Medical Marijuana Certification or Recertification?

Looking for a Maine State Medical Marijuana Certification or Recertification?

Wellness Connection of Maine offers the opportunity for on-site Medical Marijuana (MMJ) certifications and recertifications at all our dispensary locations. Do you want to find out more about cannabis and CBD, as it relates to your health? Are you curious about how cannabis works, but, don’t know where to go for info? Haven’t known who […]

Giving Back is the WCM Way

Giving Back is the WCM Way-Community-Report

At the Wellness Connection of Maine, it’s only natural for us to give back and get involved. We do this every day through the four attributes that define our company: reliability of product, being good-natured, trailblazing for the future, and having a personal approach in everything we do. While the cannabis industry is still new, we’ve been here since 2011, advocating for access, high-quality […]

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