CWL – Non profit – Alzheimer Fundraising Campaign
Integrative Heath – Fast and furious Dr Sasha Rose, Wildwood Clinic

Chronic Pain through the Lens of Alternative Modalities

Good Heath is Wealth -“Cannabis relieves chronic pain, can it also relieve the opioid epidemic?”

The multidisciplinary approach to chronic pain – Dr Hull, Mercy Hospital

CWL – Good health is Wealth – Episode 1 – Dr Ingrid Martin – Maine Medical Center

Symposium – Interview David William Cohen – Ex Basket Ball NBA Player

CWL Symposium – Interview Dr Lisa Belisle from The Maine Magazine & Love Maine Radio

Symposium – Interview Dan Walker – Preti Flaherty – CWL board member and sponsor

CWL Symposium – Interview Alban Maino – CWL Executive Director

CWL Symposium – Interview Julia Clukey – Olympian and National Luge Champion

CWL Symposium – Interview Dr. Sarah KOTZUR – Naturopath Doctor – Speaker


Symposium 2018

Manipulative and Body-Based Practices

Mind-Body Medicine

Alternative Medical System

Symposium 2016 – Integrative Health in Athletic Performance

Symposium CWL – Interviews

Good Health is Wealth

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