Are you a qualified medical cannabis patient confused by the many ways you can take your medicine? If so, you’re not alone. Walk into any dispensary and you’ll likely see numerous strains of cannabis flower as well as a selection of edibles, concentrates, lotions and balms. Despite the selection, the majority of patients rely on the tried and true; they smoke their medicine. While smoking provides fast relief and is fairly easy to dose, there is a better way. Doctors now advise patients to vaporize medical cannabis. Like smoking, vaporizing brings the medicine into the lungs where it passes directly into the bloodstream and provides nearly instant relief. As you’ll see below, however, vaporizing is much better for you than smoking. Here are the top 4 reasons for vaporizing medical cannabis—for your health.

Top 4 Reasons for Vaporizing Medical Cannabis

Vaporizing is cleaner & gentler on your respiratory system

Everyone knows that smoking isn’t good for you. While there is no evidence that cannabis causes lung cancer, we do know that lighting the plant on fire, or combusting the plant material, produces carcinogens and tar that can irritate lungs and cause chronic bronchitis. Since vaporizers run at a much lower temperature——the medicine is released as an inhalable vapor that doesn’t contain the toxic byproduct of combustion. Want to read more? Check out this study published in 2007 that concluded vaporizing medical cannabis is a healthier choice than smoking.

Vaporizing medical cannabis is discreet (and often portable)

Whether you choose a tabletop model or portable vaporizer “pen” that can be used “on-the-go”, vaporizing medical cannabis does not produce the “cloud” and identifiable cannabis smell that smoking does. And interestingly, if you use a vaporizer that uses concentrated oil or wax, there is virtually no smell at all.

Top 4 Reasons for Vaporizing Medical Cannabis

Vaporizing is efficient, easy to dose, and provides fast relief

Like smoking, vaporizing medical cannabis provides fast relief. Patients report that vaporizing is easier to dose because the method involves taking small “puffs” rather than longer inhalations. When patients feel the relief they seek, they simply stop puffing and turn off the unit. Another advantage? Because vaporized medical cannabis contains more active cannabinoids than the smoked product, you’ll need less medicine to produce the same result.

Top 4 Reasons for Vaporizing Medical Cannabis

Vaporizing preserves terpenes and the “entourage effect”

Finally, vaporizing does not destroy the therapeutic, aromatic, and flavorful terpenes, which are released at 132°F.

Exactly what are terpenes? They are the organic compounds found in the cannabis plant that give different strains a distinct smell and flavor. Plus, if renowned cannabis researcher Raphael Mechoulam and others are correct, terpenes add to the enhanced therapeutic effect that he calls the “entourage effect.” Dr. Sanjay Gupta reported on CNN, “Mechoulam, along with many others, said he believes all these components of the cannabis plant likely exert some therapeutic effect, more than any single compound alone.”

Patients who vaporize their medicine receive terpenes’ full benefits by initially vaporizing on the lowest temperature setting, and then slowly increasing the unit’s temperature until it reaches 285-350°F to finish the dose. Better aroma, taste, and increased therapeutic value, that’s a triple win!

Do you have a question or are you interested in learning more about vaporizing medical cannabis? Ask your question below and/or come into one of Wellness Connection’s four dispensaries. We are here to help you find the medicine that will provide relief and improve your quality of life. Here’s to health and wellness!

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  1. memerelyons says:

    My husband has Parkinsons /Lewy Body Dementia and Degenerative everything that can have arthritis. He uses about 1 ounces of dried herb. I am trying to switch him to a vape pen. I as well. I have purchased a pen. Now I need cartridges. What would be an equivalent of 1 ounce of dried herb? Please and Thank you Sandra

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