Have you ever wanted to experiment with cannabis in the kitchen but haven’t known where to start?

Here’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss!

The Wellness Connection is now offering a free Cooking With Cannabis class on September 13 at 5 p.m. at our Gardiner location, that will teach you the basics you’ll need to know to create your own cannabis-infused edibles.

There are many advantages to creating your own cannabis products, or DIY cooking with cannabis. First, there are numerous types of foods – both savory and sweet – to explore. You can vary the recipe to your dietary needs (dairy or gluten-free), determine your own potency levels and vary the serving sizes (for a party of 20 or just for yourself). Creating your own foods can be very cost effective and of course, your edibles will always be fresh and made just for you.

It’s also not as complicated to make your own edibles as many might think; all you need is a cooking fat such as butter or oil and raw, ground cannabis to begin. That’s your springboard to experimentation. So, you can let your imagination run wild! The amount of cannabis needed to infuse the fat depends on the desired potency, but a standard ratio is one ounce of flower for each cup of oil.

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Here’s a list of the topics you’ll learn how to make during the Wellness Connection’s class:

Want to experiment now? Try the Wellness Connection’s infused butter recipe. It’s a great place to start if you are curious about cooking with cannabis.

For those who enjoy cooking but also like the benefit of purchasing pre-made edibles, the Wellness Connection also offers an array of products such as Brownie Bites, Lemon Crinkle Cookies, a Medi-Mix (which is a cannabis-infused mix of pretzels, bagel chips, peanuts and more), and even peanut butter. There are many advantages to buying at the Wellness Connection, including being able to rely on the proper dosage in each product, consistency of ingredients and the proper dosage distribution. Not to mention, the time-savings of purchasing pre-made edibles.

It’s always wise to remember foods prepared with canna-butter or oil can provide long-lasting, effective relief for many conditions and symptoms. When medicating with edible products, remember that a little goes a long way and the effects can take up to an hour to be noticeable. Start with a very small portion (1-inch square brownie for example, or one small cookie) and wait to feel the effects before ingesting more. Keep out of the reach of children and pets.

Learn how to make canna pancakes, half n’ half and kale soup with recipes from the Wellness Connection kitchen.

And mark your calendars for the kick-off Cooking With Cannabis class on September 13 at 5-6 PM at the Wellness Connection of Maine, 31 Maine Avenue in Gardiner. Questions? Call 855-848-6740.


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