As Maine’s largest medical cannabis organization, the Wellness Connection fields many questions from individuals interested in cannabis. And it makes sense – though recreational use was approved by voters in 2016, legislation is still unclear on the way forward. As a result, we operate under Maine’s Medical Cannabis Program to provide consistent, safe access to medical cannabis to qualified patients.
Here is a most frequently asked question we receive from patients, consumers and the cannabis-curious who want to know more about the cannabis program in Maine.

Can you buy recreational marijuana (weed) in Maine?

We get asked this question frequently. Although voters in the State of Maine approved recreational cannabis in November 2016, the State has yet to develop rules and regulations to govern dispensing. There is no legal avenue to purchase cannabis unless you are a qualified medical patient. Under Maine’s existing medical cannabis program, licensed dispensaries and caregivers may continue to sell cannabis to qualified medical patients. It is illegal for individuals under the age of 21 to ingest, possess, grow or gift cannabis.

As of now, there aren’t any legal recreational dispensaries in Maine. This may change, once the state of Maine approves legal sales, provides recreational licenses and policymakers work out implementation.

For more information about what is currently legal in the State of Maine in regards to cannabis, check out the Frequently Asked Questions page on our website or visit the State of Maine website on medical marijuana and recreational marijuana.

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