It may be cold outside, but as Mainers we know the beauty our winter season brings.

Whether you enjoy skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing or simply just walking in your neighborhood, getting outdoors to feel the brisk air and the bright sun can really break up the doldrums of the darkness this season brings. Medicating with cannabis and CBD can enhance your experience and bring additional benefits to the joys of being outside. Here are seven tips to help you maximize your winter Vacationland experience.


The key here is enjoyment. While we advocate for stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new, make sure it is aligned with your physical ability. Over exerting yourself is the fastest way to feeling discouragement. Take the time to choose an activity that you feel capable of doing and that you think will be enjoyable. If you are organizing an outing with a group, make sure everybody participating feels comfortable with the plan and can physically handle the exercise that it requires.


In Maine, no public consumption is allowed. You may only possess less than 2.5 ounces at any given time, according to Norml. The organization also says that “an adult may only consume marijuana in a private residence or on private property.” On federal land, like national parks, it is illegal to consume cannabis. Keep this in mind when you make your decisions about what you will and won’t do.

Be careful when you venture out and know where you are going. If you are hiking, know where the trail markers are located and the length of the trail. Leafly suggests looking for familiar signs and bringing a map if your GPS isn’t working where you are. Write down where you park your car. If you are going someplace desolate alone, make sure you tell someone where you are and when you will likely be back. If you are with a group, make sure everybody knows where they are going and be conscientious of the slower people in the pack.

It’s always a good idea to start low and go slow. Have a solid understanding of your delivery method of choice (i.e. vaping, smoking, eating an edible or consuming a tincture) and how long it will take before it impacts you. Maybe you take cannabis or CBD regularly for inflammation and pain – if you are doing strenuous exercise, consider increasing your dose for preventive care. If you are a new user, we recommend staying close to home and/or being around people you trust so you can get a better sense of how the medicine will work for you and stay safe. Knowing how cannabis affects you will provide a better gauge of how much to consume when you are in public for the first time.


If you are venturing in public and are consuming on a trail, be respectful of who is around you, recommends Leafly. While cannabis isn’t something you need to hide necessarily, you do need to take into consideration local consumption laws and that cannabis smoke can have a negative impact on people, much like cigarette smoke. Be mindful of where you are and be discreet. And always dispose of or recycle any packaging or trash that you may have that is related to your outing.

It may sound obvious but if you are spending time exercising, especially outdoors, bring water! Whether you have a water bottle in your ski lodge or clipped to your backpack, make sure you stay hydrated! Consuming cannabis and CBD can be dehydrating so Leafly suggests making sure you bring extra water to quench your thirst and keep you feeling good!


Before you go, be in the know! Check your local weather and know what to anticipate. Make sure you are venturing out in weather you can manage and that you have the gear necessary for your trip. There is nothing worse than arriving at your destination realizing you don’t have the appropriate jacket or you forgot your gloves. Being well prepared ensures a successful trip!

If you have any questions about using your medicine while outdoors, reach out to us at (855) 848-6740 or on our social media.

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