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Cannabis & Chocolate: A Perfect Pair!

Cannabis & Chocolate: A Perfect Pair!

Anandamide, has been labeled the “bliss molecule.” It is responsible for giving us that euphoric, happy feeling when we consume cannabis and chocolate together. Anandamide comes from the Sanskrit word “Ananda” meaning bliss and “mide” meaning chemical. Our brain produces that very same chemical, much like how cannabinoids are produced by the cannabis plant. And […]

Cannabis & Chocolate for Well-Being & Health

Most of us agree both cannabis and chocolate can improve mood and brighten a day. What else do they have in common? Turns out quite a lot! Cannabis and chocolate both contain anti-inflammatory, calmative, antioxidant, and cell-strengthening compounds! Why cannabis & chocolate are a perfect pair Chocolate contains a compound called anandamide, which is also […]

Cannabis & Chocolate: A Blissful Pairing

Cannabis & Chocolate - A Blissful Pairing - Wellness Connection

Cannabis & Chocolate Cannabis and chocolate are so linked in the public mind that often, the only icebreaker we need at a conference is to put a plate of (non-medicated) brownies on the table, to elicit gales of giggles and jokes. Turns out, there’s good reason for this common pairing. Both the cocoa and cannabis […]

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