Whether we’re enjoying the summer or winter months here in Maine, keeping your cannabis fresh is key to getting the most out of your medicine. This blog post will provide tips on storing your cannabis products to preserve its taste, aroma and potency.

Invest in a quality storage device

The best choice? Storage containers with an air-tight seal maintain optimum freshness, control unwanted odor and help prevent over-handling of your medicine. Lockboxes are a great way to keep your cannabis away from children and pets, and they can also help control odors. When choosing a container, PotGuide.com recommends finding the right size. Even if there is no air flowing into the jar, excess oxygen caught in the jar can impact the quality of your cannabis. Find a container that can hold your flower easily with little room to spare and that won’t crowd your buds to help prevent humidity from being trapped in the container.

Maintain a proper relative humidity (RH) level

The ideal RH level for cannabis is between 59 percent and 63 percent. If the RH level is too low, the plant matter can be harsh when inhaled. In addition, if it is too high, there is potential for harmful bacteria to grow. All Wellness Connection dispensaries offer 52% Boveda moisture control packs to maintain a proper RH level.

Store in a cool, dark place

Light, heat and air will degrade the cannabinoids like THC and dry out your cannabis. It is ideal to keep your storage device in a place where there is no light and little activity. A refrigerator is acceptable for short-term storage but can spur mold development. Storing cannabis in the freezer is not recommended as it is harmful to the trichomes and may reduce the potency of your medicine.

Keep away from electronics

Many electronics and appliances exude heat. Be mindful of where you place your cannabis around the house and be sure it’s not on above or around any item that gives off warm temperatures. Store your cannabis like wine – in a low cupboard, or in a cool place, such as a basement.

Separate cannabis flower and your other cannabis products

It’s always a good idea to keep your flower separate from your pipes, lighters and other paraphernalia to reduce odor and enhance freshness.

Storing other cannabis products

  • Tinctures are the easiest to store and tend to be the longest to last. However, tincture storage can vary depending on its ingredients. Some will need refrigeration and some can be stored at room temperature.
  • Edibles can be stored, but ideally not for long. Be aware of the ingredients used in the edible as it may have a shorter time span than the cannabutter or cannabis oil itself, according to Herb. Many patients store edibles in the containers they come in or use wax paper for longer term storage. But remember, different types of edibles may require different types of storage. For example, cookies may be fine in a drawer during the summer months, but candy will last longer if stored in the refrigerator.
  • Concentrates should also be stored in a cool, dark place to help preserve them longer. We typically recommend storing your concentrates in a room with a temperature in the low 60s. Many patients keep their concentrates, as well as other cannabis products in a lock box and out of reach of any children or pets.

At the Wellness Connection, you’ll find expiration dates on these types of products to help you best preserve your cannabis. We recommend always checking your product’s packaging so you consume the most fresh and potent cannabis possible.

Be safe and sensible

There are many options available for storage – make sure to select one that meets your needs. Is odor control your primary concern? Or is securing your medicine from children and pets most important? At the Wellness Connection, we are dedicated to ensuring that your experience with your medicine is as beneficial to you as possible.

If you have any further questions about storage, your dispensary team will be happy to assist you. Above are some of the available products we have at the Wellness Connection. Sign into your online account to check availability at your local Wellness Connection dispensary.

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  1. Angela Waterford says:

    Ever since my husband had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, he’s needed a constant supply of cannabis to manage his back pain. Thanks for saying that concentrates should be stored in a cool, dark place in order to keep its potency. I think I’ll buy some oxygen-free cannabis storage containers that he can use for the buds that he uses as well.

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