There’s a special kind of satisfaction that comes along with rolling your own marijuana. It’s somewhat discreet, you get to decide how much flower to use, you can choose your rolling paper type, and you have total control of the process. If you haven’t picked up the skill of rolling your own, don’t worry, you’re not alone! This blog uses pictures and step-by-step instructions to teach you three different methods for rolling your own – rolling papers, cone-shaped rolling papers and a rolling machine.

getting ready

Before diving in, let’s look at what we’re gonna need:

Determine your method

Think about if you’ll need a machine to do the rolling or if you’ll hand-roll your own. There are many different types of papers to choose from and we have several to consider here at the Wellness Connection.

choose your flower

Do you prefer sativa or indica? Or, maybe a hybrid strain? The type of cannabis you use should be reflective of your preference. We recommend choosing one of your favorite strains.

Choose how big your roll will be

Decide how much cannabis you will include in your roll. You’ll likely want to pick up at least a gram of flower to start with. For example: WCM pre-rolled joints come in gram & 1/2 gram sizes.

Grind up your cannabis

WCM sells grinders like the MediTrainer that can help you do this. Don’t overstuff your grinder. Choose a surface to put your freshly ground cannabis. We recommend using a rolling tray.

It's important to make sure you have everything you need. Grab your grinder, rolling papers (or cone), and your filter tips.

Roll Your Own

This is for the person who wants to take their ground flower and roll their cannabis right from scratch. Here’s how you do it according to The Joint Rolling Handbook by Bobcat and David Bienenstock:

Step 1:

Take a paper out of the package. Make sure the glue side is facing up.

step 2:

Distribute your ground flower evenly in the middle, leaving space on each end.

sTEP 3:

Add your filter on one of the ends. You don’t need to use ripped up old cardboard! We sell Raw filters in our dispensaries.


Pick up everything with both hands and start rolling gently in the middle, moving outward. Pinch and roll it in a tight tube. Let your thumbs do most of the work. “If the filter starts to slide out, just push it back in”, says David Bienenstock in this video.

Step: 5

When you have an even consistency, tuck down the facing paper edge with the tips of your thumbs, wrap the excess paper around the joint. Now, just wet the glue and seal!

Packing A Cone

For those individuals who want the roll your own experience but need a little help, packing a cone is the way to go. Raw offers natural, unrefined rolling papers in 1 ¼ size that are shaped like a cone and include a small cardboard role that you can use as a poker. You can also use the flint in our WCM Clipper Lighters as it pulls out and acts as a poker. This is an easy and fast way to make your own pre-roll.

Here’s what you’ll want to do:

Step 1:

Take the cone out of the package without bending or tearing the paper.

Get your cone, poker, and cannabis ready to go.

Hold the cone by the filter on the bottom and drop your ground flower in the cone opening at the top.


Make sure there aren’t any air pockets at the bottom of the cone, near the filter. Pack the cannabis as tight as possible from the bottom up.


Use the cardboard poker included in the package to pack down the cannabis further.

step 5:

Twist the top and you are ready to go!


Using A Rolling Machine

A rolling machine is a great tool to use if your fingers get in the way when you are rolling your own. It’s also helpful for those who have arthritis or injuries, as this video points out. In addition, it can be a handy tool to have around if you are rolling several joints at once. Here’s how to use a rolling machine:


Open your machine. Place the filter tip in the machine, and evenly spread your ground flower next to it.


Close the machine and give it one or two spins (notice the direction of the arrows on the machine). This smooths out the material inside the machine.


Grab your paper and slip it into the machine. Then, spin it a few more times until the paper is mostly inside of the machine.


Seal your roll with a quick lick, and then pop it out of the machine. You’re all ready to go!

If you need premium rolling papers, we have a variety of Raw products at the Wellness Connection. They include:

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No matter your preference, rolling your own can be one of the best ways to enjoy high-quality flower and the effect is immediate. Enjoy!

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