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Cannabis Relieves Chronic Pain. Opioid Epidemic?

Cannabis Relieves Chronic Pain. Can it Relieve the Opioid Epidemic Blog

Cannabis Relieves Chronic Pain. Can it Relieve the Opioid Epidemic?   If you’re living with chronic pain, you know how debilitating it can be. Western medicine has yet to provide effective treatment options, leading millions to find relief through opioid painkillers. And opioids are killing 115 Americans every day according to the NIH’s National Institute […]

The Once and Future Medicine

Cannabis Blog

Cannabis as Alternative Medicine Cannabis has been used for millennia in cultures worldwide as a medicinal plant. Given the numerous references in ancient texts, at one-time cannabis was as conventional as Penicillin. It’s only relatively recently that Western medicine has eclipsed herbal treatments, cannabis among them, and consigned them to the alternative bucket, in the […]

Cabin Fever – Cannabis to the rescue!


Suffering from cabin fever? Cannabis to the rescue! Winter in Maine can be a beast, and this winter has been particularly beastly. Short days are compounded by thick clouds that make the sun appear to start setting at noon, while sub-zero temps can make you want to take to the couch until spring. Cabin fever […]

The Many Forms of Medical Cannabis

The Many Forms of Medical Cannabis

Medical cannabis is no longer limited to flower and oil for smoking and vaping, or even edibles. These days, you can receive your medicine in a number of innovative forms. Many of these isolate the non-psychoactive cannabinoid, CBD. THC and CBD are the two main cannabinoids in cannabis. While both help with a variety of […]



Cannabinoids are the chemical compounds that make the cannabis plant such a medicinal powerhouse. There are more than 100 different cannabinoids in cannabis, each with uniquely therapeutic properties. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol)  are two of the most well-known. Both THC and CBD can help with a variety of medical conditions, but there’s one big […]

My Journey From Opioid Addiction To Freedom

My Journey From Opioid Addiction To Freedom

In 2007 I was badly injured giving birth to my son. I was overjoyed to be a mother, but also in excruciating pain. I tried to manage it, but I became addicted to opiate painkillers. Addiction and pain robbed me of precious early years with my child. Some of that time is only a blur. […]

Cannabis and Breast Cancer

Cannabis and Breast Cancer: It's Not Just Palliative

Cannabis and Breast Cancer: It’s Not Just Palliative October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but are you aware of the efficacy of cannabis in treating breast cancer symptoms? There’s even research that suggests cannabis can reverse the progress of the disease itself.   According to the American Cancer Society, breast cancer is the most […]

Bountiful Harvest: A Hydroponics Primer

Bountiful Harvest A Hydroponics Primer

In Maine, autumn is harvest time, the season of abundance. But in the world of cannabis growers—and consumers—bountiful harvests can be reaped 365 days a year, thanks to the science of hydroponics. Hydroponics is a horticultural method in which roots are cultivated without soil. Growing mediums include coir (coconut fiber), clay aggregate, vermiculite, perlite, lava […]

Why Does My Cannabis Smell Like Lemons?

An Introduction to Terpenes

An Introduction to Terpenes There’s a lot going on inside a cannabis plant. It’s made up of hundreds of organic compounds, one large class of which are terpenes. Terpenes are what gives each cannabis strain its distinctive taste and smell. Terpenes aren’t exclusive to cannabis; they’re produced by many plants, including lavender, rosemary, mint, and […]

Cannabis & Yoga: A Natural Combination


Cannabis & Yoga: A Natural Combination. Is physical pain preventing you from reaping the benefits of yoga? It’s ironic, but many people who could benefit from yoga’s therapeutic effects, avoid the mat because they find it too painful. Suggestion: try adding cannabis. The relaxant and pain-relieving qualities can help you break through initial resistance to […]

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